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Saturday, November 22, 2014

11. OJC November 22 2014

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Show ID by Stan Bock (34:10)
"Take Five"
Time Out
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This appears on a Dave Brubeck's album called Time Out which is a remarkable album taken as a whole. But "Take Five" written in the key of E flat minor by alto saxophonist Paul Desmond, jumped out of this record and became the best selling jazz single of all time 2 years after it was recorded in July 1959 at Columbia studios in New York. It's a catchy, but very complicated tune.

Paul Desmond at the keyboard.
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Paul Desmond
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"Just Friends"
Live at Blues Alley
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Wynton recorded this chart topping double live album at Blues Alley - a jazz club located at 1073 Wisconsin Ave NW, Washington, DC which is known also as Georgetown. To get to it you have to actually leave Wisconsin avenue NW and enter the alley that intersects the block to 31 street NW. it featured bassist Robert Hurst, pianist Marcus Roberts and drummer Jeff "Tain" Watts.

"Woody 'N You"
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Zoot Sims swings this mainly bebop, Dizzy Gillespie composition - with a mid 50's cool sound and some emerging recording technology called overdubbing - that's the process of recording a new track onto the master while listening alongside existing ones. Quaint by todays standard but at the time it gave musicians some very new options.
"Darktown Strutters' Ball"
Yellow Dog Blues
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Summit Reunion gives new life to this compostiion that was written in 1917 by Shelton Brooks and first recorded by the Original Dixieland Jazz Band. In 2006 it was included into the grammy hall of fame.

"Goodbye Porkpie Hat"
Another Time Another Place
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Kevin's vocal style is influenced by his time as a baritone saxophone player. This was his second recording on Warner Brothers. He's a big man who can channel that presence into some fleet vocalizing with the smooth measured sounds found in the best jazz crooners.

Show ID by Stan Bock
"Killer Joe"
Walking In Space
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Quincy Jones lays down this cool version of one of many standards written by Benny Golson - which include "I Remember Clifford," "Whisper Not," and "Along Came Betty," all of which will appear on this show as weeks go by.

Johnny Heartsman and the Blues Company
"Flip Flop and Fly"
Made in Germany
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Soul and blues define Heartsman's Flip, Flop and Fly. This San Francisco area musician could play flute, organ and guitar among others in a jump blues fashion and was at the height of his abilities on this record in 1995.
From Day to Day
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This is a very nice hard bop jazz record that was Mulgrew Millers 5th recording. Bassist Robert Hurst and drummer Kenny Washington worked with him on Miles Davis's composition - "Four"

"Thanksgiving Theme"
Holdiay Hits
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