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(The following describes the show as it took place from: September 13, 2014 to January 16, 2016)
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Saturday, January 10, 2015

18. OJC January 10 2015

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"Menage Á Bleu"
It's the Real Soul

When you hear the word Menage, what comes to mind, the words a trois perhaps. The word means manage or mange trois - a 3 person household. Here is soulful, cool, post bop, pianist Gene Harris with his trio, Ron Esthete on guitar and Frank Wes on tenor and flute and composer of Menage A Bleu.

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Carmen (Mercedes) McRae
Sings Monk

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As I talk into the microphone, sometimes what crosses my lips is unrecognizably jumbled - not so great for communication. But if you are Trumpeter Clark Terry, you embrace it and turn it into an art form. Listen for the references to a very famous speech.... in this title song from his album called Mumbles.
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Clark Terry at the top of this set with Mumbles from his album of the same name. Did you hear the reference - to Martin Luther King's, "I Have A Dream" speech. The cover is at Oregon Jazz Central as well as a 1962 video of Oscar Peterson accompanying Mr. Mumbles, Clark Terry.

"King On The Road"
King On The Road

Nancy King (vocals) Glen Moore (bass) Rob Scheps (saxophone) named the album after King of the Road by Roger Miller. The variation is of course King on the Road which is an artistic slant Nancy King has taken over the years on a number of pieces giving it a uniquely or Kingly sound. Interpreting and refreshing another composer's work - Nancy King has always been up to the challenge. The album's picture was taken near Bandon, Oregon.

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Mary Kadderly
"Baby, You Got What It Takes"

Portland Community College, workshops with jazz singer Nancy King, teaching, singing, piano, an acting appearance  in the Robert DeNiro movie Men Of Honor are all part of this fascinating person who calls Portland Oregon home.

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Mary Kadderly and Nancy King
taken at KMHD studios at MHCC 
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"Star Eyes"
Just In Case You Forgot How Bad He Really Was (1981)

Sonny Stitt, Bebop Hardbop also and tenor saxophoninst toured constantly and recorded frequently like this one at San Francisco's Keystone Korner in 1981- Cedar Walton, Billy Higgins are among those who helped. - he's one of the most recorded of his generation in fact - this all earned him the nickname, the "Lone Wolf" by (a) jazz critic Dan Morgenstern. He was not known primarily for his innovation, but rather for his fierce competitiveness - blowing off the stage musicians who dared to test him. 

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Stan Getz, Dizzy Gillespie and Sonny Stitt
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"Chocolate Fog"
The Hammer

Jazz, pop, rock, marvel comics (Thor on the cover), food, in a Calypso setting, contribute to the surprising flexibility of Andy Narrell's steel drums. From The Hammer we listened to "Chocolate Fog."

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"Doin' It Right"
Doin' It Right

This is a great straight ahead, Latin jazz jam with pianist leader Hilton Ruiz leading his band, bassist Jimmy Rowser and drummer Steve Berrios. We heard the album's title cut "Doin' It Right."

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Nica's Tempo
One For All

Next - I need me some Art Blakey. This is his last recorded performance, still pushing some young jazz messengers above their heads - a septet with trumpeter Brian Lynch, trombonist Steve Davis, the tenors of Dale Barlow and Javon Jackson, pianist Geoffrey Keezer and bassist Essiet O. Essiet. From One For All here is Nica's Tempo.

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"La Rive Gauche"
Under Paris Skies

Thank you for listening and have a good week. This is KZSO Sisters

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